There may be no relation between the astrological occurrences of late, and this night out around OLD TOWN. However, the Mercedes insignia targets the center of the road, as Scottsdales’ finest direct traffic jams around old town. Lines of cars, attempt to force them selves in-between boujee store fronts and squad cars.

Their sirens curate a “9, 1, 1,  Rave” as lights juxtaposed to traffic noise throw a ripple of  rhythm around the tension of the night. My homie and I are already late. The group of DJs inviting us out to cover the event have already left the venue. Three Wiseman is packed with couples dancing to Tupac as the girls bring shots around the room. 


Its ———— Birthday and he walks around with a bottle of champagne illuminated with liquid, bubbles, and a small light. The VIP is a friendly place and THREE WISEMAN is packed full.

Another venue to be positively impacted by the efforts of Scottsdale Nights and company. Next time I’m grabbing a table, and bringing the whole crew.