spjrit explained

SPJRIT is pronounced spirit 


in the name of the FATHER, SON, + HOLY SPJRIT
— b

It all started when...

BENJAMIN VILLANUEVA created, a music project, devoted to worshiping, the Holy Spjrit. Over the years, it has become an online multi media art installation, featuring oil paintings, controlled graffiti, line drawings, sketches, music albums, and prose. After walking away, from a 360, music contract offer, by WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS, the artist has put more emphasis, on the visual mediums, in order to relieve the pressure of recording music; this is how Benjamin, believes he will achieve, even more success, during the music creation and recording process. No music will be featured until SPJRITS next album is complete. Currently, VILLANUEVA, is redefining spirits' indie-rock sound, and transforming the project, into, a house music factory. Although he refuses to share, any new tracks, he has coined the term, 'HOLY HOUSE' in an attempt to describe, spirits evolving sound.  

Until, said album is released, the artist, will continue to focus on his writing projects. Any, publisher or literary agent, curious, about BENJAMIN VILLANUEVAs' Query Letter, can read it online, at their convenience.