—  concerning the ignorance + apathy of modern love, through, the concept that the surname, VILLANUEVA, is a Spaniard, variant of the Italian surname, Casanova. 

—  The Torment of the Sea

[for whitney]

With hope, I stare to hear the waves, who toss about the buoys and ships, like merry children, each one plays, their lovely, little, tricks.

Coquettishly, they bat the sea, waves, like lashes, avert the light. Whose reflections reveal too me, the tint and color of delight.

Such lovely shades of green. Such lovely, yellow hues. Such tints of blue, which deem, "Heaven was this seas' muse."

And angels sit, and angels stare, and soon they'll open up the sky. With, a single, breath of air, they'll coax the waves to fly.

And, back and forth, the tempest roars, the tempest of your eyes. I long to know the gentle shores, where softly, each lash lies. 

And drowning, dreaming, in such bliss, a thought, occurs to me. I can't, but help to miss, your eyes, the lovely, sea.

-Benjamin Villanueva [2005]


[for whitney]

Since, all the world, and love are young, and there is truth, within my tongue. To pretty pleasures, you shall move, to live with me, and be my love. Your reason fills your mind with fear, and uses sorrow, to hold you near. He grasps, your mind, ensures his hold. Prevents, springs warmth, and, breathes, falls' cold. So tell me love, speak truth to me; if flowers fade, then what of thee? Shall you defeat, the curse of ages? Of brittled bones, and weathered faces? A gown may bust a seam, in time, but thread and needle, mend it fine. A rose, may wither, love its' color, but lovers' spring, will bring another. Love, has no date, no time, nor reason, to change with each, upcoming season. If, cold, and fierce, the tempest be, then you shall find, your warmth, in me. If winters' sorrow, chills your bone. If without spring, you feel alone. Then, with my arms, I'll hold you tight, and, with our love, ignore colds' bite. 

-Benjamin Villanueva [2006]


[for rachel]

As often, as I gaze, in Golden Wonder, I have, spent days, over and under. I, HORUS, and you the MOON. Not, now vibrating, but soon. With the power, of the SUN, and, Egyptian priestess, having fun, I admire, the Atlantean Woman, dancing, in the sun. Crystal, sandy, feet. Diamond, glitter belly. Golden, soaked, skin. Aqua marine, finger nails, and star studded, heel. My face, wrapped, in a shroud, green, as I feel. 

-Benjamin Villanueva [2016]


[for rachel]

I dreamt of diamonds. I dreamt of gold. I dreamt of finding, the golden soul. Hoping, dearly, it, ain't sold. 

Benjamin Villanueva [2016]



[for rachel]

I dream of terraces, Mediterranean water, lapping the tired fringe, of my  soul; star shaped grains, of sand, dripping, onto cashmere towels. I dream, of marbled lobbies, and silk, to wipe our brows. I dream, of of almond cakes, in Paris, champagne in Champagne. I dream, of thirty-thousand, dollar watches, Martin acoustics. I dream of crystals. I dream of white walls, adorned, with chandeliers. I dream of the golden skin, that gold, allures. I dream of gold, which, golden, silken lips allure. I dream, of seas, and skies; I dream, of her, priceless in her fur. Dipped, in diamonds, wearing a smile, to infer, that, without marble, and champagne, silk and crystals. Without, rich oceans, and almond cakes, cashmere dripping, and gold clinking. Without, star shaped grains, and, without fur. There is still her, and, there is still, the dream, to float, like a star-gazed stone statue, on a wooden plane, four wheels spinning, shredding. The gas is gone, and I'm still living, betting, my last dollar, to meet, a Taurus, hipsters surround us, dreaming of white walls and coffee, pheromones setting, off me. A wind, to stoke, the flame, of a triple Aries, living, slice-to-slice, thought to thought, hoping for another, encounter: cherishing, the one I, got. 

Benjamin Villanueva [2016]


[for sierra joy]

voy a existir dentro de la grieta torcida

voy a existir dentro de la luz

voy a existir en el susurro de la musa

Me pondré entre una roca y un sueño

voy a flotar entre la realidad y todo lo que se establecen entre

la musa y el sueño

la luz y su haz

a chispa y el fuego

hasta que el átomo se convierte en la casa

dentro de un cuadro

y la musa se convierte en la chica




A mi lado


I will exist within the crooked crevice 

I will exist within the light

I will exist within the whisper of the muse

i will stand between a rock and a dream

 will float between reality and all that lays between

The light and it's beam

the spark and the fire

until the atom becomes the house

within a painting

and the muse becomes the girl




By my side

-Benjamin Villanueva [2011]


[for Dylan, Bowie, + allison]

I thought Bowie

would live forever.

I thought Dylan

"...spoke the truth.."

I thought I would never, leave her

I guess, livings, 

the only proof.

-Benjamin Villanueva [2016]